What’s the rush? Try these homework preparation tips

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What’s the rush? Try these homework preparation tips

When it comes to completing homework, establishing a routine is critical.


Whether you come home from school, have a snack, then hit the books straight away or get going on homework after supper, establishing a solid routine helps completing homework appear seamless. But how many students establish “pre-homework” exercises as part of their routine?

After getting settled into your homework-specific workspace with the necessary supplies, students should ensure they get the most out of their at-home studying with these handy “pre-homework” tips from one Spirit of Math Schools teacher:


Go over your class notes
First things first. Before you get cracking on your homework assignment, give your class notes a thorough read through. Your notes should be organized in a way that makes finding a specific topic or lesson quick and easy. Your class notes are a summary of everything you’ve learned in class, and act as your “knowledge base” of what you need to know to achieve homework success. Study your class notes in-depth to get yourself into the right frame of mind to tackle your homework assignments. 


Re-do the class examples
Practice makes perfect. Get yourself into a good rhythm by re-doing the example questions you did in class. Think of this as a “warm-up” round before opening your Spirit of Math binder and completing your homework exercises, which unlike the class examples, will be graded.


Collaborate with your classmates
At Spirit of Math, co-operative group work is a major component of our balanced, four-element approach to learning. Collaborating with your classmates is a great way to look at the concepts taught in class from different perspectives. Before you start your homework, give a classmate a call, email, or social media message to compare diverse interpretations of the classroom material.


Parental involvement in your schoolwork is also important. Don’t be afraid to collaborate with your parents to help with more difficult problems. It doesn’t matter who you’re collaborating with, as long as you’re sharpening your cooperative learning skills!  


How do you prepare to do your homework? Be sure to Engage and share your thoughts with the Spirit of Math community! 

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