Teachers: Get your Students Thinking about Exams!

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Teachers: Get your Students Thinking about Exams!

In our Learning Tip of the Week, we gave Spirit of Math Schools students some handy tips for preparing for upcoming end-of-year examinations. While it’s important for students to study hard for their exams, there’s a lot teachers need to do to prepare for the big day as well!


While our end-of-year exams may seem like they’re far away, they’ll be here before you know it. Get you are your students ready to ace their exams with these tips and tricks.

Grade-Specific Pointers

• For Grade  5 and up, make sure your students  don’t  assume that  the exam  will necessarily  be multiple-choice. They should be prepared to answer all types of different problems!

• Grade 9 and 10 exams: Ensure that you remind your students that the exam will feature problem solving questions from Cerebral Contortions in addition to Spirit of Math core content.

• Grade  6 exams:  Remind students there will  be two  sections to  the exam:  one where  calculator use is allowed; one where it is not allowed.

Organization is Critical
In studying for end-of-year exams, students will frequently consult their notes from throughout the school year. When reviewing course materials, it is essential that students can easily access necessary information. Make sure that your students’ notes are in proper order so that they can move freely throughout their curriculum material seamlessly.

Focus on Areas of Struggle

On your end, go over your notes and exam reviews yourself to determine what concepts you should focus on as you get closer to examination day. Pay special attention to specific areas with which you know your students may have difficulties to strengthen their understanding of these potentially problematic areas.

Supporting Weaker Students

You should also identify students who are in danger of failing the exam and be sure that you and your assistant are especially attentive to them in the weeks leading up to the exam. When it comes to students who are struggling with the Spirit of Math curriculum, communication with their parents is key! If a student is worried about possibly failing their exam, share the concern with that student’s parents to collaborate and come up with a plan to get them adequately prepared. With all hands in, a struggling student can be lifted to success.


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