Take Note: Organization is Key!

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Take Note: Organization is Key!

They say having cluttered notes leads to a cluttered mind. At Spirit of Math, students are presented with a wide range of learning materials. From in-class notes to drill sheets, there’s a lot that can get lost in the shuffle!

Organizing your notes in an effective way demonstrates that you take pride and ownership of your work. It also shows respect towards your teacher by letting them know you care about the class and the importance of notetaking. Here’s a few tips to keep your notes, classroom handouts and other materials neat and organized!

Avoid Clutter

With so many notes and handouts, it’s easy to get disorganized. To ensure that you don’t get lost in a whirlwind of loose papers, get yourself a 3-hold punch! Using 3-hole papers will allow you to fit your notes and handouts neatly in your very own binder to ensure you don’t loose anything or have loose paper scraps floating around. Sometimes, 3-holed paper rips, so be sure to always have hole reinforcement stickers ready to go!

Keep It Neat!

When completing exercises, POWs, or any other Spirit of Math work, it is important to write nearly and legibly to keep your solutions organized. As we are big on co-operation at Spirit of Math, our students often work within groups to share their thoughts to look at concepts from different angles and perspectives. Keeping your notes neat and organized facilitates the group work process by making it easier for you and your peers to compare notes.  

How do you stay organized? Let us know in the comments section! 

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