Spirit of Math Students Share Canadian Values at 2016 WMO

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Spirit of Math Students Share Canadian Values at 2016 WMO
By Hoiying Li
Spirit of Math Parent 

My daughter Carolyn was one of the lucky Spirit of Math Schools students who participated in the 2016 World Mathematical Olympiad in Seoul, South Korea. It was a once in a lifetime experience that would have a long-term impact on Carolyn’s future math studies and the way she views the world. 

The WMO provided a great boost to Carolyn’s self esteem in how all her hard work had propelled her to receiving the honour to represent Canada on an international stage. Carolyn’s journey started as a Grade 2 Spirit of Math student. 

There were a lot of problem solving challenges for both individuals and teams, and we are so proud of the great effort and teamwork that Team Canada demonstrated. 

The “Culture Exchange” session at the WMO was also very impressive. The Spirit of Math students sang “O Canada” for all the participants as they passed on Canada’s courage, wisdom, and friendship to the rest of the world. The students also got opportunities to exchange gifts with students from other countries, which is a very special experience.

As a parent, I deeply appreciate this wonderful  learning opportunity that Spirit of Math provided Carolyn. I hope more Spirit of Math students  will be involved in the 2017 WMO in Beijing, China and  experience the challenges and fun for themselves!  
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