Spirit of Math Student Shines Bright in International Math Contest!

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Spirit of Math Student Shines Bright in International Math Contest!

Congratulations goes out to Elijah Liu, a Grade 7 student at Spirit of Math’s Richmond Hill campus who placed fourth in the 2016/2017 Caribou Cup Math Contest -- Grade 7/8 division -- as he competed against 11,618 mathletes from across the globe.


Held six times annually throughout the school year, Caribou Mathematics Competitions are a series of online math contests offered to students worldwide. According to their website, Caribou Contests look “to improve student’s problem-solving techniques by providing a wide variety of challenging math activities suitable for all students in grades 3-12.”


The Caribou Cup is a series of math contests that are held throughout the year. Each student's ranking in the Caribou Cup is determined by their performance in their best five out of six math contests throughout the school year.

Elijah says he couldn't have acheived success in the Caribou Cup without the help of the Spirit of Math program, which gives him an edge over his day-school peers. 
"Spirit of Math is a fun, engaging program and I love the head start I get over my classmates at school," he says. "I enjoy the complexity of the questions SoM gives me and I look forward to solving them. I feel that this accomplishment is an exceptional blessing from God. It is amazing to finish fourth in the world, in a contest I have never participated in before." 


For students who are passionate about mathematics, contests and competitions are a fun and challenging way for them to prepare, apply themselves and showcase their knowledge in comparison to their peers on a local, national and/or international level.


In addition to our Spirit of Math Contests for students from Grade 1 to 4, Spirit of Math students participate in a wide range of external math contests, including the Caribou Cup, the Canadian Open Mathematics Challenge, the Mathematica, and many others.


Please join us in congratulating Elijah on this impressive achievement! You can leave your congratulatory message below in comments.


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8 months ago
Congratulations Elija!
Level 1 (XP: 0)
8 months ago
Wow congratulations Elija that's truly amazing. Way to go!

Congrats to Spirit of Math Schools too.
Level 1 (XP: 50)
8 months ago
Congratulations Elijah!!! What a fantastic achievement.
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