Spirit of Math Goes On A Math Adventure

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Spirit of Math Goes On A Math Adventure

During Global Math Week from October 10th to 17th, students and educators around the world will explore Exploding Dots. Join Spirit of Math as we venture through James Tanton’s mathematical journey with Exploding Dots. 


James Tanton, Australian Mathematician, shares his passion for mathematics and breaks free from the "joyless rote memorization I went through as a kid," by developing a Mathematical Journey that takes students through a series of online activities and short lessons that explore arithmetic, algebra, infinite sums and other advanced mathematical concepts.


WATCH: Global Math Week 2017 - Exploding Dots Overview


Join Spirit of Math and more than 650,600 math adventurers from more than 100 countries, as we explore nine unique Math Islands! Head over to the Exploding Dots page to begin the unique online math experience. Be sure to share your Mathematical Journey on Spirit of Math’s Facebook and Twitter pages with hashtags #gmw2017 and #explodingdots


We can’t wait to hear about your online math adventure!!!



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