Poster Project Fun: Chef Tony's Math Kitchen/Dogs & Math!

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Our poster projects provide our students with a fantastic outlet to not only put the skills they’ve learned at Spirit of Math Schools on display, but also show off their creativity and passion for their hobbies and interests.  

Throughout April, Spirit of Math students will be presenting their poster projects to their class at campuses throughout North America. 

Here’s a closer look at the poster project! 
Chef Tony’s Math Kitchen 
Welcome to Chef Tony’s Math Kitchen, where the menu features mouth-watering work sheet wings, cheesy wise wizard pizza, and fraction salad for the health conscious. Bon appetite!  

This poser project created by a Spirit of Math student features a series of culinary-theme questions based on our unique curriculum, which encourages the use of problem solving and logical thinking. 

Let’s take a look at one of the challenging questions Chef Tony is cooking up in the kitchen:

Breadstick Delivery with Pathways
Chef Bob is delivering some bread sticks to a customer. If he can only travel east and north on a 3x7 grid, how many ways can he get to the customer’s house? 

Introduced to Grade 1 Spirit of Math students, pathways problems are designed to develop skills in logical thinking, modeling, and patterning of solutions. For these problems, students head to the carpet, where a grid using masking tape is created to map out a subject’s possible routes pathway from point A to B, without going backwards. For the younger students, pathways problems introduce them to the concept of direction, intersection and Pascal’s Triangle, which will be explored in-depth when they enter Grade 7.  

Dogs and Math

Woof! Get your tail wagging with this poster project, which features a series of canine-inspired problems involving “All But,” Date,” and “Average” segments of the Spirit of Math curriculum.
See if you can figure out how many bones Beagle devours in a day! 

Beagle’s Bone Average
Beagle has an average of 3 bones a day. How many does he need to have an average of 4 bones a day? 

Although averages are only taught as a POW (Problem of the Week) in Grade 3, it is beneficial to discuss the concept with students early on. In Spirit of Math’s Grade 1 classrooms, the concept is touched on through the scoring of their drill work and determining of their class average. By understanding the concept at in an early grade, Grade 1 students will be prepared for Grades 3 and 4, where they will be tasked with tackling some tough averages problems. In Grade 3, students are introduced to the concept of average as the items in a grouping, in which the items are equally distributed. Averages questions introduce the concept of arithmetic mean and sharpen the student’s ability to add and divide. 
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