Poster Project Fun!

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Poster Project Fun!

It’s poster project time!

Over the past few weeks and continuing into April, Grades 1-4 students throughout all Spirit of Math Schools campuses have been hard at work on their poster projects, which give them a chance to fuse their hobbies and interests with mathematics!

Our poster projects task students with creating a trio of math problems under one unifying theme. For example, one Grade 2 Spirit of Math student chose Star Wars as a theme for their project and came up with this brilliant poster from a galaxy far, far away.  

Here’s another vibrant and colourful poster project, “Dino World.”

Alisha Shaffeeullah, curriculum coordinator at Spirit of Math, says that the poster project is a fantastic way for students to show off their creativity, but also demonstrate their understanding of problem solving elements of the program. 


“It’s very different from the other assignments we give our Grade 1-4 students in that it also teaches them time management, attention to detail, and presentation skills,” she says. “It’s also a fun glimpse into what students are ‘into’ and sometimes showcases their other activities and hobbies.”


As students prepare to showcase their poster projects to their class throughout April, here are some tips to put on a great presentation!


Remember the Importance of Body Language
A great presentation is not just about content, but how it’s delivered. When presenting your poster
project, be sure to remember these important body language points:

  • Speak clearly
  • Be sure to always face the audience and maintain eye contact
  • When writing on the board, be sure to do so neatly and legibly

Know Your Poster Problems Inside and Out
Just like our POW (Problem of the Week) questions, you should be able to not only answer your problem, but also know the steps involved. Before presenting your poster project, be sure to know which types of problems you’ve chosen to feature and get yourself familiarized with the concept inside and out. For example. If your poster features a handshakes and hugs problem, review that unit of the curriculum thoroughly before your presentation! 

What do you think about the Spirit of Math poster project? Share your thoughts with us! 

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