Spirit of Math Reviews: A Better Approach to Problem-Solving

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Spirit of Math Reviews: A Better Approach to Problem-Solving

Melody Bui is a parent of two of our Spirit of Math students, Russel and Sarah, who was seeking a strong after-school mathematics enrichment program that would supplement and strengthen her children's math education, so she enrolled her children in Spirit of Math Schools.


Noting the unique methods in which SoM trained teachers approach the curriculum, she's seen both of her children not only develop their math skills, but she has seen improvement in a wider range of other areas.


"With our older child, who has been in the program for two years, we’ve definitely found that he has a better approach to problem-solving. There’s definitely been an enhancement in language skills for both children and definitely there’s been a huge improvement in their math compared to their peers in the public-school system outside of Spirit of Math.”  

Melody goes on to say, "We’ve been very happy with the program, the teachers, and their commitment to our children. I found they have taken an interest in all the children in the classroom while considering that all children are different and that they have different strengths and weaknesses. The teachers have been very good at identifying those different strengths and weaknesses and helping us along the way to promote those different areas and help the, in those areas."
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