Math Exam Practice and Preparation Tips

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Math Exam Practice and Preparation Tips
Believe it or not summer is right around the corner, which means it’s time to start thinking about end-of-year exams. 
Here are a few tips to help you get ready: 

Practice makes Perfect
Practice, practice, practice! There’s no better way to prepare for a math exam then to complete questions from your workbook. While reviewing your notes is a good start, and may give you confidence that you are comfortable with a concept, it’s important to find out for sure by putting what you’ve learned throughout the school year into practice. Ensure you prepare well in advance, so that if you have difficulty completing a problem, you’ll have time to ask for help. 
Make sure to practice problems on a separate sheet of paper and not on your exam preparation materials so that you may reuse the questions and practice them as much as possible. 

At Spirit of Math, collaborating with your peers is a major element of our curriculum and is always encouraged. Preparing for your end-of-year exams is no different. Working with your fellow students is a terrific way to look at concepts from different perspectives and to share ideas. Do not be afraid to start a study group and work with your friends to help each other out.

Get in the Game 

Put your game face on the evening before the big exam day! Before you get a good night’s rest the evening before your end-of-year exam, make sure to pack everything you’ll need for success: sharpened pencils, erasers and a functioning calculator. In the morning, be sure to eat a hearty and healthy breakfast to give your big day a jump start! 

More Exam Tips: 
• Prioritize other activities so that you give yourself enough time to study and prepare leading up to the exam
• During the exam, make good use of the scrap paper given to you to write down your thoughts and ideas as you work through the questions
• Spirit of Math students in Grades 5-8 can go back and watch videos on Canvas for concepts they don’t remember or still have difficulty with while studying
• Spirit of Math students who started part-way through the school year should clarify with their teacher which concepts they are going to be assessed on during the exam
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