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My daughter is quite the math genius and she wants to start competing in math competitions. Does Spirit of Math have experience in helping kids get ready for a math competition? Also do you know of any good math competitions that occur in the Vancouver area?
Mike. S
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11 months ago
Hi Sailor,

Thank you for your interest in Spirit of Math. Yes! Our program's curriculum certainly prepares students for mathematics contests and competitions through our balanced four-element approach: drills, problem-solving, cooperative group work and core curriculum to help high-performers develop logical thinking and critical analysis skills. We see contests and competitions as a great way for students to put their skills on display and see how their peers approach complicated problems from different angles.

In addition to our own contests for students in Grade 1-4, external competitions such as Mathematica, are offered at our more than 40 Spirit of Math campuses in Canada and the United States. Check out our Contests page for more info: Then, find a campus near you in the Vancouver area:

Thanks, Sailor!
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