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Summer breaks always seem longer to parents when their children are whining because “there’s nothing to do.” Get ahead of the grumbling and griping by registering your child now for Summer Camps programs that will give them something to look forward to.


Studies prove that it is vital for students to stay mentally fit during their holiday breaks from school. According to a report by the RAND Corporation, students returning from summer vacation, on average, perform one month behind where their school-year last ended. Summer vacation break typically spans a little over two months across North America, so keeping your child mentally engaged during the long break from school is crucial.


Spirit of Math (SoM) Summer Camps offers brilliant programs that will keep your child’s mind engaged and motivated during the summer break. SoM has designed unique and fun “Summer Camps” programs that not only challenge existing SoM students but will also interest, engage and motivate students in grades 1 to 9 who are not currently enrolled in the exclusive after-school math enrichment program.


Spirit of Math Summer Camps offer a wide range of programs led by qualified and skilled educators and professionals. SoM Summer Camps gives students a hands-on approach to learning as they develop skills that are increasingly vital for their future success. Spirit of Math Summer Camps offers robotics, coding, chess, financial literacy, math enrichment and more; partnering with expert organizations such as Logics Academy, Knowledge Makes Cents and Chess ‘N Math with focus on building skills in strategical problem-solving, logical thinking, creative solutions and cooperative teamwork.


 “Significant differences in academic abilities between students happen during the summer,” explains Spirit of Math CEO and Co-Founder, Kim Langen. “Students may end the school year at the same academic levels, but there is a widening of the levels each year, and much of this happens during the summer holidays. It is thought that what is done during those 2 months (summer holiday) makes a significant impact on the students’ academic success. A rest or change of pace is good for the summer, however, learning can still take place – and your child will appreciate it!”


When it comes to making your child’s summer vacation count, having them attend educational camps is a fantastic way to keep their minds sharp while they enjoy a wide range of interesting programs. Spirit of Math Summer Camps programs will provide your child with the opportunity to gain skills that will help them improve their academic performance in the coming school year.

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