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 hello, and today it's me John and I'm going to talk about the spirit of math. I am here to recommend each and every one of you to go to the spirit of math if you want to be smarter (basically what I mean is smart, smart, and smart) in this programs you do officially amazing drills that you basically have to do 80 question in short multiplication and division! I am in the spirit of math and in the middle, I only got 40 right. Now I get the 70's! I REALLY RECOMMEND YOU TO COME TO SMS! :D 
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3 months ago
Thank you for the kinds words about our Spirit of Math program John!

John Yoon's experience in our after-school math enrichment program is an excellent example of how SoM’s unique and exclusive math curriculum helps already high-performing students take their mathematics skills to an even higher level by releasing the genius within.

John entered our program with the required B+ average on his day-school report card, and although he found our curriculum very challenging, his high-performing attitude of wanting to succeed took him from achieving 40 out of 80 drill questions correct, to his current 70 out of 80 drill questions correct.

Awesome job John! We’re very proud of your achievements.
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