Helping Students with Their Math Homework Struggles

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Helping Students with Their Math Homework Struggles

When it comes to your student’s homework assignments, don’t leave your pupils hanging! Homework won’t always be a breeze for your students, which is why you should always make yourself available as their teacher to provide additional support when needed.


Here’s a few ways to stay on top of and address homework struggles:

Get to Know Your Students
Gain a firm understanding of your students, their skill sets, and their level of understanding of the class material to help determine what level of homework help is required. Some of your students might be shy and apprehensive to tell you about their homework struggles. By knowing a little more about your students, you can identify problems on your own. Getting to know your students should also go beyond the classroom. Be sure to talk to your students to learn about their extra-curricular activities and how they might be affecting their ability to complete homework tasks.

Do Some Homework in Class

It doesn’t all have to be done at home! Get your class comfortable with their homework assignments by practicing part of the assignment during class time. This is especially helpful in the senior grades to help you establish if all your students are on the same page. Keep in mind that course materials in the senior grades are challenging, making it essential that all of your students are comfortable with assignments.

Track Homework Progress

Keeping thorough track of homework completion helps you identify which students need additional support and why they need it. It also tells you when and if you should follow up with their parents to address homework concerns. Tracking homework progress helps teachers to keep students accountable; in grades 5 and up at SoM as well, all students get a homework completion mark each term that will be negatively affected by incomplete homework.


What do you do to help your students get n the road towards homework success?


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