Helping Parents Understand the Spirit of Math Curriculum

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Helping Parents Understand the Spirit of Math Curriculum

We’re all in this together. At Spirit of Math Schools, teachers and parents are all striving for one common goal:  to help students achieve excellence in mathematics with our unique curriculum.


Everyone is on the same page when it comes to our curriculum’s goals, but sometimes, it can be difficult to understand the big picture. Parents will always have concerns about the curriculum, making it vital that they have a firm understanding of its content and why it is designed the way it is.


Here are a few tips to help establish a healthy line of communication between teacher and parent so that they can understand the curriculum, and their role in supporting it.


Help Them See How a Challenge Inspires Confidence 
You can’t blame a parent for being concerned about their child’s struggling. As high-performing students, they are expected to easily grasp concepts and thrive, but occasionally, they will struggle. At SoM, we want our students to take ownership of their own learning, which is why our curriculum is designed to be challenging and focuses on attention to detail, persistence, and risk-taking, in addition to understanding mathematical concepts. While no one likes to see their child struggle, it’s important to understand that out of that struggle, students learn valuable lessons in how to identify their own mistakes and to work with their peers to look at the problem from different angles.


Encourage Engagement
Students whose parents are engaged in their learning are more likely to achieve success. It’s not only important that parents understand their child’s curriculum, but also the role they play in it. Ensure that you encourage parents to get involved in their child’s work on a daily basis so everyone is on the same page.


At SoM, we do our best to involve parents in every aspect of their child’s education through initiatives such as our “Nifty Notes,” which help to educate parents on the subtleties of our curriculum along with parents’ sessions with Campus Directors. As a teacher, it is your role to keep parents informed about their child’s performance and to recommend ways for them to stay engaged in their learning.


“High performing students tend to have high performing parents as well,” explains one SoM teacher.  “Parents that are engaged with students, sitting in classes, emailing in questions, helping with homework, have children who are most able to succeed.”

Understanding the role of Tests and Quizzes
No one likes to see their child try their best, but receive a disappointing grade on a test, quiz or assignment. Although parents may at times feel the marking of tests and quizzes is harsh or unfair, it’s important they understand that tests and quizzes aren’t designed to “evaluate” their child, but to identify areas of struggle and develop strategies to improve in those areas.


How do you help parents gain a clearer understanding of the SoM curriculum? Be sure to join the conversation and share your thoughts with us on the Engage Platform! 


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