Getting the Most out of Your March Break

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Getting the Most out of Your March Break

March break is right around the corner! The week off gives students a nice reprieve from the school year. While it’s important to relax and enjoy the extra time off, it’s equally important to continue stretching your mind with routine mental workouts!  


Studies have proven that it is vital for students to stay mentally fit during their breaks. According to a report by the RAND Corporation, students returning from summer vacation, on average, perform one month behind where the school-year last ended. Although the March break isn’t quite as long as the summer vacation, the findings of the report still demonstrate the importance of fighting off-season lag.  


Here are some activities you can try during the March break to stay engaged and mentally fit:


Make a Routine
While you relax and enjoy your break with your favourite hobbies and activities, be sure to find time in your day for math and other educational endeavours. Establish a march break routine where you set aside a half hour or more a day to stretch your mind with math games and puzzles such as tangrams, Sudoku, or Spirit of Math POWs (Problem of the Week), and mPods. Have you been struggling with a specific element of the Spirit of Math curriculum? Use this extra time to focus on difficult concepts, so you are ready to get right back at it when school commences.  


Take a Field Trip
Take advantage of the extra time the break provides by checking out some of your city’s educational institutions. Whether you take a trip to the museum, planetarium, zoo or science centre, there are lots of sites open year-round to keep young minds stimulated.  


Recharge Your Batteries  
While the quest for knowledge is always a noble pursuit, it is indeed important to relax! A sound mind is a sound body, so be sure to take advantage of your time off to give yourself some much deserved rest.  Don’t burn yourself out! The key to getting the most out of time off from school is to strike an even balance between your studies and the things you love to do. Be sure to take breaks from your studies to enjoy some of your favourite activities, hang out with your friends, and enjoy the great outdoors!


What are you doing this March break to avoid the off-season blues? Be sure to Engage with us and share your thoughts! 

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