Getting the Most out of Spirit of Math Report Cards

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Getting the Most out of Spirit of Math Report Cards

Report cards are coming! Distributed to Spirit of Math Schools (SoM) students three times a year (December, March, and June), our report cards provide valuable feedback to help them see where they’re at in terms of developing new skills and achieving the curriculum’s goals.


While receiving a report card may feel intimidating, their function isn’t to “evaluate,” but rather to inspire growth. Here are some tips for students to use the feedback from their report card to move forward with optimism, confidence, and enthusiasm!


Set Goals
Your report card will identify your areas of strength and struggle. Use the feedback your report card provides to set goals for the rest of the school year. Did your report card indicate weakness in completing SoM drills? Set strategies and goals focusing on improving your drill scores. Have you been leaning on the quiet side of things in the classroom? Make it a goal to increase collaboration with your peers.


 Identify Areas of Struggle

The primary goal of report cards is to help students and parent see their progress in the SoM program. Use your report card to identify areas and concepts where there is room for improvement, and dedicate extra time to those areas of the curriculum.


Remember, The Door is Always Open
Feedback on your progress doesn’t end with the report card. Remember that your teacher is always there for you to provide comprehensive feedback and expand upon what’s written on your progress report. Use your report card as a conversation starter to talk to your teacher about why you received certain grades and to develop strategies to improve them.  


Improve Your Learning Skills
There’s more to achieving high grades than tests and assignments. Your report card will provide valuable feedback about your learning skills. Are you organized? Are you collaborating with your students to exchange diverse ideas and perspectives? Skills in organization, co-operation and responsibly are vital to the learning process, so make sure you pay just as much attention to these areas of your report card as the others!


How do you use your report card to improve? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section!

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