For Teachers, the Learning Never Stops

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For Teachers, the Learning Never Stops
Promoting co-operation among our students is a big part of what we do here at Spirit of Math Schools (SoM), and our teachers are no different. While our teachers go through more than 100 hours of intensive training before entering the classroom, their development never stops. 

“A good teacher is a person who has a passion for teaching,” explains Svitlana Liu, head of SoM’s training department. “When you have that passion, you do whatever it takes to get better.” 

Collaborating with your fellow teachers is critical to achieving success in the classroom. From generating unique teaching ideas to learning about different teaching styles, there’s a lot one can learn from their peers. Here are three benefits to collaborating with your teaching colleagues: 

It Provides a Reliable Support System  
You’re not alone out there. As SoM teachers, we’re all on the same page and are all striving to fulfill the organization’s mission to promote co-operation, inspire confidence, and release the genius in every child.® By collaborating with and supporting your colleagues, you’ll quickly learn that many of them have the same difficulties in the classroom as you. By establishing a strong line of communication with your fellow teachers, you'll be able to overcome challenges with an open dialogue of ideas and tactics. 

It Expands Your Horizons 

Every teacher has their own unique methods. Through collaboration, you open the door to learning about a wide range of different teaching techniques. SoM employs teachers from all walks of life, bringing with them unique experiences from different countries, personalities and backgrounds that you can learn from. 

Creates an Open Exchange of Ideas

Building relationships with other teachers is critical to establishing an open exchange of ideas that you can utilize in your own classroom. Whether you are a new or experienced teacher, there are a lot of interesting ideas that you can share with your peers, and vice-versa. Talking to other teachers helps to see how they describe different ideas and it helps them to realize what they need to do to expand their conceptual understanding to include other teachers’ ideas and to build a strong understanding of tough concepts. 

How do you collaborate with other teachers? What kinds of things have out learned through co-operation with your colleagues? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section! 
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