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Hi Spirit of Math,
My child is very strong in math and finds herself bored in math class as she is not being challenged. She is in grad 5 and even when I give her math problems from a Grad 6 or 7 level she is able to easily solve them. Does your program help kids who excel in math or is your program more remedial?
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11 months ago
Hi Meister,

The Spirit of Math curriculum is designed specifically for high-performing students who feel unchallenged by their day-school curriculum. Because all of our students have at least a B+ day-school average, they are among like-minded peers in a classroom setting where we use a four-element approach of drills, core curriculum, problem solving and cooperative group work.

Our program doesn't encourage students to "skip" grade levels, instead, we dive deeper into the concepts they are learning in their day-school curriculum. We bridge the gap between where their day-school learning ends and where their thirst for a challenge begins. For your child, Grade 5 is the foundation year where students learn a variety of core topics in great depth. The grades 1-4 curriculum build up to the grade 5 year, and grades 6 onward build upon the grade 5 year. The core curriculum of the Spirit of Math Grade 5 program includes topics such as the relocation property, signed numbers, order of operations, factors, multiples, and primes, and number sets.

To answer your question, yes! Spirit of Math is geared towards kids who excel in math who are looking to expand their knowledge and challenge themselves! We are not a tutoring program for students struggling with basic concepts, but rather a comprehensive after-school program for high-performing students to improve their logical thinking, problem solving and co-operation skills.

Learn more about our curriculum here ~ https://www.spiritofmath.com/curriculum/

Thanks for your question!
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