Classroom Management Tips for Math Curriculum Success

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Classroom Management Tips for Math Curriculum Success
According to one Spirit of Math Schools teacher, classroom management is critical to student success. As a teacher, is it your role to not only lead your students through the curriculum, but also to set up clear expectations for classroom routines and procedures.
Here are a few tips for effective classroom management:
Be Consistent and Well Prepared
Ensure you maintain consistency in your teaching habits and classroom expectations. If you promise to follow up on something, make sure to do so! As the classroom leader, students need to see that you are serious about your classroom rules, routines, and procedures. 
You should also set an example by always being well prepared and organized. A lack of preparation on your ends sends students the wrong message and they will be less inclined to take you and your classroom seriously. 
Set Clear Expectations 
Establish clear expectations for your classroom. For example, always start on time to set the tone for later comers, who will quickly find out that the lesson starts whether they are there or not! If your lesson starts with a drill then late students will have to write the drill at the end of the lesson or stay behind to write it after class. Don’t hold the whole class behind! 
Establish Trust and Routine 
Avoid going over the expectations continuously, you should quickly develop your student’s trust and respect so that you do not need to emphasize on the “classroom rules” repeatedly. How do you build a relationship with your students based on a foundation of trust and respect? Here are some tips:
• Connect with your students. Establish a deep connection with your students, or risk building a barrier and in which students don’t feel important, resulting in them being more likely to challenge you.  
• Get to know your students on a personal level (and their parents). Learn more about them and see them as a person not just as a student in your class. 
• Make sure that you have a positive and inclusive environment where everyone respects one another. Do not allow a student to put another student down, make sure that you do not put anyone down, including yourself.
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