Spirit of Math Reviews: Unique Curriculum for Kindergarten

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Spirit of Math Reviews: Unique Curriculum for Kindergarten

Working as a day-school teacher, Spirit of Math parent Carly Noda understands the importance of students staying ahead of the curve.


In an effort to help her son establish a solid foundation in mathematics, before even finishing Senior Kindergarten at his day-school, Carly enrolled him into the Spirit of Math program. Carly says that since enrolling her son, he is already showing signs of performing at a higher level than his day school peers.


“The results have been fantastic. A lot of the work that he’s doing, from what I can tell, is at a Grade 1 or 2 level, and he’s finishing it before even finishing Senior Kindergarten.” Carly noted, “It has been quite impressive. I’ve been happy with it (his improvement).”


At Spirit of Math, our students learn how to work as a team. The unique curriculum includes drills, core curriculum, and cooperation, SoM students are encouraged to discuss their homework, collaboratively problem-solve in class and present their results to their classmates.


The co-operative aspect of the SoM curriculum, Carly noted, has helped her son look at mathematics from different perspectives.

“I really like the co-operative math aspect. A lot of the times math is more focused on the individual and they haven’t had that collaborative element,” she explains. “I think that’s one of the most important things; to talk about the math and discover how everyone looks at math differently. I think the exposure to those different ideas, especially at an early age, will be beneficial for my son moving on. We’re looking at globalization and working with people from around the world, so it’s important to see those different viewpoints and to understand that math, although it has a specific outcome, you can reach that outcome in different ways.” 
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