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 hello, and today it's me John and I'm going to talk about the spirit of math. I am here to recommend each and every one of you to go to the spirit of math if you want to be smarter (basically what I mean is smart, smart, and smart) in this programs you do officially amazing ...

Best after school math program in Toronto

By NicoleReviews0 comments
Putting our son into your Spirit of Math after school program in Toronto was such a great decision. From a very young age he developed a strong grasp of math and the standard school curriculum was just not challenging him. He was spending more time in math class helping his fellow ...

Spirit of Math Rocks

fb465-10153835978497146.jpgBy MeisterReviews0 comments
Both of my kids love your program in Vancouver. They are both math geniuses and were not being challenged enough in their school. So happy we found Spirit of Math!
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